good Business Plan should never be free, if you are serious about starting a business.
However, a good business plan should also be affordable to encourage more people to start their own businesses.
Therefore, as an accountant and internet entrepreneur, I welcome you to my business plan page to facilitate anyone wanting to start a business.
There are many business plans out there, but I have found most others to be very blandboring or over complicated.(No offence intended towards the others!)

Only Some of the many Testimonials …

“Good day Rex 
I really enjoyed it, like you said in the beginning “simple, clear and concise” 
It actually got me thinking more and I actually went back to my business plan again to change and add a few more things. 
I didn’t know about the “google trend” search engine, thank you for that. “

I’ll be watching the second video today after work, as for the 1st one ‘brilliant’ ~ Vuyo


“Rex was extremely professional and his business plan greatly facilitated talks with potential investors, in a way which made decision making very simple.” ~ Michael
“Potentially the best business plan I have ever seen. Simple, concise and to the point” ~ Banker
“Using any other business plan is simply a waste of time ~ thanks Rex!” ~ Sid

There are 2 Options:

Free Business Plan Download when Subscribing
Pay for the Business Plan Template with video explainers, which walk you through each step of completing the business plan template in great professional detail
If I feel that way, then surely so would any other person reading the same business plan, such as potential investors or perhaps potential business partners.
So why risk it!?  (Hence my 60 day money back guarantee!)Rather let me facilitate and simplify the process for you with the following:
        • simple and yet extremely relevant and Professional Business Plan Document in word format.
        • Cash Flow Projection in excel, which is colour coded and also relevant to any business with certain self calculating formulas.
        • 2 videos (66 minutes) , where I talk you through the business plan document and the Cash Flow Projection in an easy to understand, yet comprehensive manner.

All resulting in a business plan you can be proud of and have confidence in presenting.

In person               $1000,00

Online was                  $47.99 

Now only                         $34.50