Abundance can flow very easily, if we allow it to. Our belief structures are normally our main blocks to abundance, hence it is very important to be aware of our beliefs in the moment that they happen.

A good example would be asking someone for their help. Often people feel that the simple act of asking someone else for anything can bring up belief of self-worth. What would they think of me for asking them for that or how can I ask them for something of such great value? What’s the worst thing that could happen? They could say no?

Wow, that would definitely jeopardize our ego’s right? But if the ego is not who we truly are and we are connected to everything in the universe, then theoretically, we are simply blocking ourselves from what we really need – right!? Our perception of the world around us, is built on our belief structures, therefore if we change our belief structures towards that which we do want, then our perception of the world changes and when our perception of the world changes, so does the world itself as it reflects back at us what our perception is. When are you going to change your belief?

Principle of abundance