Anything in this world and/or universe is achievable and you can have but if you have based your self-worth on it  then you are attached to it in a manner which has more of a negative spin. This is very difficult as we may have grown up with people telling us (more like programming us) if you do this then that will be your reward. If you win the race then you will be the best. Have you
ever noticed how short lived the feeling of success is? Have you ever failed and not achieved your desired result and felt that feeling?

Perhaps it was a partner in your life who you “expected” to be a certain way and there was always disappointment as they failed to meet your expectation? It does not feel very nice does it?

I’ve found that the best way to deal with is kind of feeling, is to understand it for just what it is and not be attached to it.. Be thankful for it being brought to your attention and then release it.

We hold onto things because of fear of change.

I’m sure you will feel a lot lighter and more freedom afterward facing attachment and moving past it.

Principle of Attachment