Ever heard the saying, “where attention goes energy flows”?

If you want a life of fear, heartache or poverty, then focus your attention on these feelings. But who wants that right? Yet, it seems like we all really struggle with different aspects of these things. The easiest way I normally deal with any of these,  is by using the heart coherence technique (see heart coherence technique) and change the negative into a positive. You do need to be aware of the issue to begin with. The only thing holding any person back are the doubts and fears – it’s that simple.
The most important thing to be aware of in each moment of the day, are signs
from the universe (I call the trail of bread crumbs).

Principle of Attention

If certain things trigger fears or doubts, then say, “Thank you Universe”, as this is clearly stuff which needs to be worked on by using the heart coherence technique to re-calibrate the negative into a positive.

Once these doubts and fears have been worked through and you have let them go properly, they should never return.