Clarity is incredibly important not only for the world around you, but for yourself. The simpler and clearer one can be, the easier and faster things can manifest. Kind of like the polarity of a person being indecisive with either yes or no.

When a person is indecisive, it creates indecision and therefore blocks a smooth flow of manifestation. Some people might say,”

I don’t have clarity on the situation and therefore how can I be clear?” Sometimes the answer is not necessarily what we want to hear, therefore the easiest way to tap into what needs to happen next, is to do something you love or use the heart coherence method, as described in my foundation course material – it is scientifically proven that when we are in the zone of what we love, we gain clarity – the answer simply, “feels right”.


It is also important to remember that sometimes some movement forward is better than no movement forward (in other words, stagnation) – the universe will always guide us back on track.

Fatigue is an exception to the rule when trying to make decisions. We are energetic conductors and receivers of information. If our lack of clarity is due to fatigue, then the best thing to do is rest and take time out first before making any decisions.

Principle of Clarity

Exercise is extremely important to keep the balance between body and mind. Therefore exercise will most definitely help in getting the “blood flowing and the energy going”.