No-one may interfere in your life unless you ask them to, it’s that simple!We all know how it feels to have an interfering busy body in our lives. The universe of All That Is, honours this principle by not interfering with us unless we specifically ask for it.

Principle of Free Will

Some may call this praying, others may call it meditation. Whatever you may call it, be clear and concise in what you ask for and may I suggest you do so from a positive point of view. A lot of people pray / meditate from a view of data set of guilt or try and “trade off” – if you provide this then I will do that. Also don’t expect the results in any format as this expectation may also put blinkers on you and you won’t then notice the solution being provided.

Expectation often comes from our belief structures and programming, therefore, in order to receive a solution, we need to free our minds/ourselves as much as possible and rather operate from our hearts (This Rexercise is provided here for free! This aligns your entire being with All That Is and All That IS will aligns easily with you.Thank you and wishing you to step into your magnificence as a human being!