Every single thing we created on our planet started with a thought, then a word of instruction and then a deed of action. Again, the key to manifesting something you would like into your life, is clarity.

The journey is always an internal one before it becomes an external one. What you would like in your life needs to feel right with you first, then the vibrational frequency is tuned in and things speed up on the manifesting front.

Some quick and easy steps to follow:

      • Gain clarity in thought of what you desire
      • Using the heart coherence method see yourself enjoying your manifestation
      • Align your words and thoughts towards your manifestation in conversation with others
      • It is important to action movement towards your manifestation
      • Take cognizance of your environment and any synchronicities towards your manifestation
      • Act in the moment on the synchronicity to stay in the flow
      • Celebrate when things start materialising towards your desire
Principle of Manifestation