The easiest way to understand and relate to to this principle, is like I am typing it here. I am relating to my experience and possibly projecting it onto you rather than simply asking,” so how do you feel about this” or “what is your point of view on this subject”.

Principle of Projection

Ever noticed how when you are having a bad day it affects others around you and suddenly everyone is having a bad day. It’s kind of like that.

The best advice I received from my mother was, “surround yourself with people you aspire towards”. This then makes you more aware of why you choose to spend time with certain people and also you realise the types of qualities you are looking for in people.

When we go to a restuarant and order food from the menu, we actively make a choice. Why not do the same with the people in your life – choose people you spend time with wisely and you will greatly benefit from the further lessons learnt.

What you consciously project into this world, will be reflected back at you.