Lower vibrations will negatively impact on prosperity. If you believe that you don’t deserve something, then you won’t be attracting it to you. Ever wondered about people with lots of money who don’t share?

Well, those who understand the balance of life understand that money is simply an energy and therefore it needs to flow. If a person tries to hold onto money, then the universe receives a vibration that you have enough and don’t need more.

Therefore it is important to invest money back into circulation which then provides the flow in terms of the principle of prosperity and enables the universe then to provide more.

Let’s also remember that we are all on the same planet together and that we all support each other in one form or another at the end of the day. Please remember how powerful words and thoughts are. When we align our words with our thoughts, the vibration in the universe is amplified.

Therefore when doing meditations and much work on attracting abundance, and when a friend in passing asks you how it is all going and you say,” still struggling along” what do you think the message to the universe is? It will be the balance
between struggling and abundance, therefore you would more than likely find that nothing will happen. At which point you then throw up your hands and say,” you see, I told you so, nothing is happening!”

Principle of Prosperity