The outer world is a mirror reflection and reflecting back to you aspects of yourself. If you own a certain brand of vehicle, have you noticed how you see more of those vehicles on the road? That’s simply because that vehicle is in your consciousness more than the others

So, when someone gives you are tough time or another person gives you a compliment unexpectedly, those are all reflections of your inner self reflected in the outer world, as you are the one who has recognised them, and therefore the data has to reside within yourself.


I suppose the best and potentially the hardest way to use this principle, is to be completely honest and objective with yourself, by saying,”Ok, so Jim said something nasty to me and I feel really terrible  inside – where does that come from and what can I learn and sort this out”. 

Principle of Reflection

I can tell you from experience, that once you have dealt with an emotional issue, it never comes back in the same form again and it feels great to have dealt with it.