Often success is associated with financial abundance. However, success is actually correctly defined by when our vibration matches the desired outcome. This makes it easier to celebrate success, as we have successes all the time albeit small.

Please remember, many small successes = BIG success. By celebrating many small successes we also avoid the negative feeling/vibration of not achieving one big success, which in turn helps us again towards our goal of achieving our BIG success.

People who are passionate about what they do will attract success, as they are aligned with their higher selves. Sometimes there is no logic in success, as a person who falls in love with another person sometimes does illogical things when in love, but they are still in love and feel good & therefore successful in falling in love.

A powerful present tense affirmation for success (especially after a heart coherence exercise) I am successful in…. (what you are wanting to be successful in)

N.B. It is against the universal principle of free will to try and get others to do things which they have not consented to, in order to achieve your success.

Principle of Success