30 Universal Principles which are best used once the free coherence exercise is done
Why do we need universal principles? Humans are here to learn lessons and master these lessons to progress towards enlightenment. What is enlightenment you might ask? My best definition of enlightenment is simply,” I am therefore you are” more detail on this?
Well, according to quantum mechanics, the entire world outside of ourselves is a reflection of the world within ourselves. Too much to digest? I agree, it was for me too at first, but then when I started using a journal which helped my map what at first seemed like coincidences, but then I realized that they were actually synchronicities. I.e. the universe had synchronised these events according to the resonance / vibration I had put out there.
Universal Principles

This then lead me to wanting to be more in control of my destiny and future. By the way, control needs to be redefined as rather being aware of what works and what does not work with universal principles rather than thinking from an ego and lineal point of view.

This will all make more sense as you start digesting the Universal Principles below …


Principle of Attraction

Whatever we give attention and through to, we begin to invite into our lives, whether we want it or not …Read more

Principle of Free Will

No-one may interefere in your life unless you ask them to, it’s that simple!…Read more

Principle of Resistance

Our thoughts and beliefs are like the programme of a computer…Read more

Principle of Reflection

The outer world is a mirror reflection and reflecting back to you aspects of yourself …Read more

Principle of Projection

The easiest way to understand and relate to to this principle, is kind of how I
am typing it here. I am relating to my experience …Read more

Principle of Attachment

Anything in this world and/or universe is achievable and you can have, but if
you have based your self-worth on it, then you are attached to it …Read more

Principle of Attention

Ever heard the saying, “where attention goes energy flows”?…Read more

Principle of Flow

Going with the flow has more truth than many people realise…Read more

Principle of Abundance

Abundance can flow very easily, if we allow it to. Our belief structures are normally our main blocks to abundance, hence it is very important to be aware of our beliefs in the moment that they happen…Read more

Principle of Clarity

Clarity is incredibly important not only for the world around you, but for yourself. The simpler and clearer one can be, the easier and faster things can manifest. Kind of like the polarity of a person being indecisive with either yes or no…Read more

Principle of Intention

When your intentions align for the highest good, I.e. of higher vibration rather than lower vibration, then the Universe backs you even more…Read more

Principle of Prosperity

Lower vibrations will negatively impact on prosperity. If you believe that you don’t deserve something, then you won’t be attracting it to you. Ever wondered about people with lots of money who don’t share?…Read more

Principle of Manifestation

Every single thing we created on our planet started with a thought, then a word of instruction, and then a deed of action. The key to manifesting something you would like into your life is clarity…Read more

Principle of Success

Often success is associated with financial abundance. However, success is actually correctly defined by when our vibration matches the desired outcome…Read more

Principle of Responsibility

Whenever we are challenged with any given situation, it is up us as to how we respond to the challenge…Read more

Principle of Discernment

When any decision comes our way, it is important to use our intuition and follow what feels right …Read more

Principle of Affirmation

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Principle of Prayer

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Principle of Faith

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Principle of Unity

More info coming …

Principle of Vibration

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Principle of Grace

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Principle of Miracles

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Principle of Decree

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Principle of Blessings

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Principle of Gratitude

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Principle of Healing

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Principle of Perspective

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Principle of Purification

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Principle of Completion

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