A bit of history …

Rex has been involved with many types of businesses such as, an accounting / financial advisory practice he owned, online property portals & innovated / created some cutting edge internet startups, such as 1Address. Of late, he contracts as a Business Coach, QEC Practitioner & Scrum Master in high paced environments, to share much of what he has learnt over the years with others & further facilitate their journeys.


Driven by a desire to ensure a brighter future for his children and future generations, Rex has become deeply involved in sustainable living practices, such as permaculture, and has even helped set up an urban farm in Cape Town.

Rex’s passion for making a positive impact doesn’t stop there. He has also delved into the world of energy and self-discovery, studying with renowned teachers and incorporating both eastern and western philosophy to deepen his understanding of the universe and our interconnectedness.

Through his journey, Rex has realized that true change starts from within, and he is now committed to helping others shift their mindsets and embrace positive change in their own lives and businesses.

If you are seeking to make a meaningful difference in the world and would like to connect with someone who shares your passion, Rex is the person to turn to. 

Join him on his heart-centered journey and let’s create positive change together.

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www.rexschelling.com (personal site)