The Agile Human Being

Having been in software development for almost 20 years, largely in the innovation and entrepreneurial space, I’ve worn many hats such as stakeholder, product owner, scrum master and business coach. What I have noticed more and more lately, is that it is very difficult for anyone to be a true Agilist, if they have not been in the innovation and entrepreneurial space. Why you might ask? Well, because if you don’t have an Agile mindset and way of being, your business will die fairly quickly – it’s that simple!

Our world is evolving faster and faster. People are needing to face more and more of their own stuff and adapt even faster. There will be a time when each person will not be able to hold onto any of their old data (stuff from the past) and need to be more real time in their way of being = Agile

I’m passionate in what I do and love seeing people succeed in ways they may never have thought possible. Are you ready to shift and change? Are you wanting to have more joy, passion and freedom in your way of being?

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In the meantime, here are some of my videos on topics which all link back to my view of a better future for all.